About us

ARCOSTEEL is established since 1992 as an Egyptian stock company under Law 230/1989. The company has a mixed Egyptian and Arab capital of 100 millions dollars. The total Investment is about 278 millions dollars

The Company is Located at the 5th industrial zone , Sadat City - Egypt equipped with high technologies for steel making, rolling mill , finishing , heat treatment and utilities equipment

ARCOSTEEL Current annual designed production capacity is 140,000 tons of high quality steel to cover the local market demands and to export to both Arabic and European countries

ARCOSTEEL produces stainless steel , free cutting steel , spring steel , case hardening steel ,and quenching & tempering steel according to international standards (DIN,ASTM,JIS BS, Gost, etc ) according the customer’s technical requirement

Furthermore, ARCOSTEEL provides the customers with the technical assistance and after sales services



Production and marketing of high quality special steel in the form of Cast billets ,Cast ingots, , rolled billets ,rolled round bars, rolled square bars, rolled hexagonal bars and wire rod coils



1. Expanding the annual production capacity to reach 200,000 tons

2.Encourage the establishment of new industries based on special steel

3.Upgrading the capabilities of ARCOSTEEL to be distinguished special steel producer in Arab, African and Middle East through research and development