Quality System

ARCOSTEEL Quality system was established to guarantee product quality and fulfillment of customer's requirements The most important thing on the Special Steel is the final use so our inspection system was built up to meet the purpose and the final application

ARCOSTEEL inspection system is classified to :

  • incoming raw materials inspection

  • process and in process inspection

  • final inspection

Inspection equipments

Circograph (Dr – Forester), Surface quality

Multi channel ultrasonic (Kraut Kramer), internal quality

Magna test, anti- mixing device

MPI for billets, surface quality

MPI for square and hexagonal bars, surface quality

Laser measuring device (Zumbach), size controlling

Portable optical emission (Spectro

Approvals & Certificates

ARCOSTEEL has been accredited according to quality Management System ISO 9001-2008 and environmental management system ISO 14001-2004 ARCOSTEEL laboratories have been accredited according to ISO 17025 by EGAC (Egyptian Accreditation Council) which have a mutual recognition with ILAC ARCOSTEEL quality assurance system has been established to impact its operations across the board, from order placements to shipment of products. ARCOSTEEL finished goods are available for dispatch only after inspection and testing by latest testing and analytical instruments manned by qualified and experienced personnel , as part of its commitment to consistently deliver high quality products All testing, inspection and monitoring procedures are carried out based on international standards and test certificates are provided to our customers. Our values focus on creativity, innovation and quality; in addition to honesty and integrity across our business. We also concentrate on continuous improvement in all areas with a key focus on health safety, the environment and employee development and recognition

Health & Safty

ARCOSTEEL has an uncompromising approach to the health and safety of its employees and visitors. All employees receive comprehensive and regular training to ensure that they work on site in the safest possible manner every day, and that environmental awareness is foremost in their minds

ARCOSTEEL has invested extensively in environmental protection at its plant, ranging from filters to purify emissions by two fume extraction systems to the continual maintenance of large green spaces at all sites

ARCOSTEEL has been accredited according to EMS ISO 14001-2004 and all ARCOSTEEL activities meet internationally recognized environmental and occupational health and safety standards with very tight controls over gaseous dust and other airborne emissions as well as liquid effluents, noise levels and even control the natural resources consumption Solid waste is recycled at all plants and each has its own sophisticated, water treatment facilities for recycling all water used on site